Preparing For Your Eye Exam


Video Recap:

Dr. Spencer Young: [00:00:00] Hi I’m Dr. Spencer young. I’m so glad you’re coming to the office for your examination. We want to make sure you have a great experience before your appointment. Take a minute and check out this video it shows why eye exams are so important and provide helpful information about what to expect during yours. Welcome back to. Talk.

J.J: [00:00:23] With J.J. I’m here with my next guest Dr. Irene.

Dr. Irene: [00:00:27] Hi J.J. I bombed a bit last week because I couldn’t read my cue cards so I went to visit Dr. Irene and I got a lot more than just a prescription for these and these my contacts I mean I can see clearly now and I feel a lot better about my health. I’m going to haveDr. Irene tells you why during an eye exam.

Dr. Irene: [00:00:45] I have the ability to detect more than 250 different diseases and conditions just by looking into your eyes. That’s why I tell my patients that your eyes are the windows to your health.

J.J: [00:00:55] 250. I didn’t even sign that many autographs in a day.

Dr. Irene: [00:01:00] Of course I test how well you see. But I do a lot of other tests too. First I test how well your eyes work together. Problems with eye movement can affect your ability to read or play sports. It can also make your eyes really tired at the end of the day.

J.J: [00:01:15] Good thing I’m not great at playing sports but I’m a pro at watching them. I asked the fans how happy your eyes are by looking for signs of glaucoma. I better put a light saber back on my birthday list.

Dr. Irene: [00:01:28] And signs of infection inflammation and cataracts. Now let’s see if there’s any damage to your retina. To do that I just need to use these drops. They widen your people so I can see all the way to the back of your eyes. And. Let’s tune back in. JJ many of the tests I give during an eye exam can help me diagnose dry eye. I’m seeing much more of it lately since staring at devices can make your eyes dry and irritated eye exams are important. More than 80 percent of all vision impairment is preventable and our site is precious just like our health and how I look.

J.J: [00:02:05] Which is why I had fun picking out these glasses. ButDr. Irene also helped me get context so I can wear either contact lenses are a great option.

Dr. Irene: [00:02:14] With recent technology they’re incredibly comfortable and worked for so many situations.

J.J: [00:02:19] Yeah like when I want to see a 3-D movie they’re easy to put in and take out even for me. I just had to go through a separate exam. SoDr. Irene could recommend contact lenses that were the best fit for my eyes.

Dr. Irene: [00:02:30] If you’d like to try contacts just let your doctor know you got it.

J.J: [00:02:33] Thanks, Dr. Irene.

J.J: [00:02:34] We learned so much from you. We’re so glad you stopped by our latest episode of High Tom.

Dr. Spencer Young: [00:02:45] There are so many things you can learn just by looking into your eyes. If you have any questions about what you’ve watched or anything at all just let us know. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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